Right to Rent, Right to Buy, Right to Own

We are calling for small donations to help us get the message out there that a vote for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party will cause a complete overhaul of our housing system, that will damage all those living in the UK.

Donations are governed by the Political Party Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA).

Under PPERA we cannot only accept donations from certain people, and must return donations if we cannot verify you or if you are unwilling to be named in our donation report to the Electoral Commission

To donate you must be on the electoral register in the UK excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, or a UK registered Company. If donate more than £500, including in a series of donations we must identify you and record you in our internal reports.

If you donate more than £7,500 we must name you in our report of donations to the Electoral Commission, who will publish the fact that you have made a donation. For more information, please see http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk.

We reserve the right not accept a donation as required by law.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at contact@righttorentbuyown.co.uk